South Florida Destination Wedding: Wedding Planner


South Florida  Destination Wedding: Wedding Planner

Yes, if you are planning to have a Destination Wedding in South Florida, one of your “homework” is to find the perfect Wedding Planner/Consultant.

In other words, you need someone here in South Florida to be YOU. Just as United States has embassies all over world and their ambassadors are the highest ranking diplomats who represent our nation in those countries. The same way, you will need someone to be your representation here when planning your wedding from a different state or country.

But how can you trust someone you don’t know  personally? Well, that is part of your homework:

1. See their reviews. In their website, Google, Yelp,, Facebook and in different Social Media websites they should have reviews.

2. Ask them questions. Ask, ask, ask! They should be knowledgeable of this type of weddings, about the area, best places, about the venues, weather and vendors.

3. Facetime, Skype. Have at least an interview through Facetime or Skype.

4. Quick response. See how quick they respond to your e-mails and phone calls.

5. Chemistry. Make sure you are booking someone you like. Trust your senses.


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Florida Destination Weddings: Where to Begin


Photography by Miguel Chaves


Destination weddings have been increasing 400% in the last 10 years worldwide. Florida is one of the most popular sites for this type of wedding for obvious reasons, beautiful beaches, amazing weather, premiere touristic destinations, close to world-famous South Beach area, delightful cuisine, shopping venues, multiple oceanfront resorts and the flavor of a multi-cultural community.

Places as Miami Beach which is a major entertainment destination in the United States with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques.

Naples, Florida. The beach on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico is more than 10 miles long, and is noted for its cleanliness and pristine white sand. In 2005, Naples was voted the best beach in America by the Travel Channel.

Fort Lauderlade, located on the east coast of Florida. Home to one of the beaches in South Florida called “Las Olas”, surrounded by restaurants, top of the class hotels, shopping venues and state parks where you can held your wedding ceremony.

West Palm Beach, 50 minutes away from Miami is known for its luxury lifestyle, upscale restaurants and boutiques. Gardens, parks and hotels are perfect for any type of wedding.

If you are planning a Destination Wedding, first choose a place, city, region. After that, contact us. We will be YOU here in South Florida!

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