How To Plan A Wedding in One Day?


Well, honestly there are not many ways to plan a wedding in just one day. However, there is a Bridal Expo in South Florida where it is possible, believe or not!

Mission My Wedding Bridal Expo is coming to South Florida in August 2013. This the Ultimate place to start planning your special event. They will have from florist, rental services, wedding planners, venues, catering services and more much. Everything you need to plan, d├ęcor, design and book your wedding in one day. VIP Treatment, free gifts, prizes and much more. Take advantage of this expo coming to Florida in August, 2013.

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Weather Factors in Florida: Wedding Planning


Well, South Florida’s weather is crazy, unpredictable!

Having a wedding outdoor could be an amazing idea, why? If you like to be in connection with nature, if you are planning a rustic themed wedding or if you are simply tired of the “typical” wedding, an outdoor wedding is a great idea!

However, there are few factors you should keep in mind:

1. Hurricane Season: The peak of the hurricane season in Florida is from August to October. You don’t want a hurricane to ruin your wedding day, right?

2. Rainy Season: The peak of the rainy season in our region is from June to September.

3. Hottest Months: The hottest months in Florida are June, July and August. Trust me when I tell you this: When is hot in Florida, it’s HOT! It might sound nasty, but if you take a shower right now, then you go outside, you will be sweating in 5 minutes without any physical activity.

In conclusion, the months not recommend for an outdoor wedding are: JUNE, JULY, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER.

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