Jewish Wedding Planning in Florida


In Florida, there are plenty of places where you can start planning, from a Jewish Temple to a beach, any of these places could be perfect for your upcoming wedding day. In our state, beach weddings are very popular. How about a Chuppah at the beach? It will be a great idea, but if you want to go the traditional way, we will help with it.


When planning a wedding, keep in mind few of the Jewish traditions. Check out this article: Jewish Wedding Traditions.

– Signing of the marriage contract

– Bridal canopy or Chuppah

– Covering of the bride

– Encircling the groom

– Betrothal, the ring

– Seven Blessings

– Breaking the glass

– Yichud

– Birkat hamazon and sheva brakhot


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Outdoor or Indoor Wedding in South Florida?


Well, South Florida’s weather is crazy, unpredictable!

Having a wedding outdoor could be an amazing idea, why? If you like to be in connection with nature, if you are planning a rustic themed wedding or if you are simply tired of the “typical” wedding, an outdoor wedding is a great idea!

However, there are few factors you should keep in mind:


1. Hurricane Season: The peak of the hurricane season in Florida is from August to October. You don’t want a hurricane to ruin your wedding day, right?

2. Rainy Season: The peak of the rainy season in our region is from June to September.

3. Hottest Months: The hottest months in Florida are June, July and August. Trust me when I tell you this: When is hot in Florida, it’s HOT! It might sound nasty, but if you take a shower right now, then you go outside, you will be sweating in 5 minutes without any physical activity. 

In conclusion, the months not recommend for an outdoor wedding are: JUNE, JULY, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER.


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5 Budget Tips When Planning a Wedding in South Florida



First, as a bride you need to learn this word if you want to save some money: “DYI” which stands for “Do It Yourself”. Impossible to save money without learning this word!


Usually South Florida’s weather is very nice depending on the season. Do a little research on some outdoor venue during the day.

Formula: Outdoor = less $$$ + Daytime = less $$$


If you are renting chairs for your wedding ceremony, if possible use those same chairs for your reception. It will save the money of having to rent them for both venues.


There many formats online for your Wedding Invitations. From Google Images or from any other website where you can purchase images, get a wedding invitation template, then edit it with own information on “Paint” (a program used to edit images installed in most computer already), save it. Go to Office Depot or any other place similar to this one and tell them to print it for you. Try to print most of the invitations on one page, it usually fits 4 or 2 depending on the size you want. Buy your own envelopes and that is it.


South Florida is one of the most popular states when it comes to weddings, so you need to be strategic on which day and time your choosing to get married. I mentioned it before, weddings during the day are usually cheaper. Weddings on a Saturday are more expensive, Fridays are more affordable and Thursdays even more.


Simple, most venues offer better prices when it is a Buffet Style Reception. Why? Less man-power! In a Sit Down Dinner you need at least 7 servers or more, while in a Buffet you only need around 3 of them.

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