Best month for a wedding in South Florida?


As you know, compared to other states, Florida is a very “lucky” state. While in most of the states summer is the highest season for a wedding. In Florida, any month could be good for your wedding. But which month is the best? FEBRUARY!

Why February? Easy! There are 3 main reasons:

1. Rainfall: Florida is a crazy state when it comes to weather. Yes! Right now it might be sunny, 30 minutes later is raining. Just like that. February has the lowest rainfall percentage during the year.

2. Temperature: Florida is known by its nice and warm temperatures, but keep in mind this. When in Florida is hot, It is very hot, humid and uncomfortable. When does this happen? 9 months of year out of 12. February has a very nice and mild temperature average: 77- High – 61- Low.

3. Money: High season for events in Florida is between September to December, so February is not the highest, that means better prices when booking your ceremony and reception site.


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