Beach Wedding in South Florida Part 1

One of the most popular themes for a wedding in South Florida, yes! It’s a Beach Wedding. Why? 

There are few reasons why. One of the reasons, it’s because they are very affordable compared to some other themes. At the beach, pretty much what need is chairs, a chuppah or an arch, the groom and the bride. Depending on what you want, this might cost you around $500 to $700. Good prices, trust me! The Wedding Industry is an expensive one. 

Another reason why, it’s because of the connection with nature on your wedding day. The beach, white sands, palm trees, ect. It also gives a very casual, rustic, tropical, not-formal touch to your wedding – I personally dislike those weddings where you can not even move because you feel like you’re doing something wrong, they are so formal you feel trapped in it! DISLIKE!

The last reason, you can add own personal touch. While getting married in a venue, church, temple or anywhere similar to it might be significant and traditional, sometimes you are unable to add your personal touch to it. Having a Beach Wedding might be the way to go when you want to DIY, which saves you a lot of money and to show personal style.

Coming soon our Second Part of Beach Wedding in South Florida – what to do and what not to do.

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